The Paper Daisy story

Hi, I'm Georgie.

I have never done online dating, I feel like if I had I would know how to write an about me section. 
Home for my family is a small country town called Donald in Rural VIC. I didn't always love living in the country, but after spending my teens in the big city and travelling back and forth in my early twenties I could not wait to move home. I yearned for the country roads, the wattle trees and seeing nothing but nature on the horizon. 
My 2 daughters Althea and Layla are flat out the coolest thing I have ever done with my life. They transformed me and gave my life a purpose I never thought possible. 
Clothing, is my vice. I have a ridiculous amount of it. There is just some magic in the way dresses are cut and how style can transform a mood. While in my 20s I fell into fast fashion the past few years I have found I search for sustainable and long lasting pieces and especially Australian pieces. 
I am a registered marriage celebrant, just in case life wasn't busy enough. There is so much magic about being is someone's special day. I am honoured for each wedding I get to perform.  
Mental health awareness is a bit of a passion of mine. I mean this simply in the way that I am an open book when it comes to my challenges. I don't see any other way, it helps me on bad days so people are aware and I feel that it can help others to know that it is okay to be open about it.
I am genuinely so glad you are here, it means the absolute world, I hope I get the chance to get to know each and every one of you. 
Georgie xx  

 What makes Paper Daisy special?

Paper Daisy was born out of a love of personalised goodies and creating personal piece for my daughters. 
Each piece is created and personalised at my home in Donald, Victoria.  
Where possible, leather remnants are sourced from upholsters to help reduce the amount that would be sent to landfill. 
I love creating pieces that spark joy and adventure. 

Why Paper Daisy

I named paper daisy after my amazing Mum Gen.
My fondest memory of my Mum is her stopping our car on the way somewhere and pulling the whole family out into the bush on the side of the road to pick paper daisies. 
So there we are stopped in the middle of nowhere running around the bush on the side of the road bunches of paper daisys, dirt on our fingers and smiles on our faces.  
Now that is living a country dream.