Dear Daughters - Careers

Dear Daughters


I was always jealous of those people who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. To be honest I think I am still a little jealous. Your dad always knew he wanted to be a builder and I see the passion when he speaks about it, the twinkle in his eye. For me, I was never really 100% sure.


A few years ago I hated my job, it was purely a means to an end. So I took a left turn, I started at the bottom of a new career path with blind faith that it would lead me somewhere and this week it did. I jumped at an opportunity and I feel like I have something special to bring to it, yes it is a promotion but more importantly it is a position where I feel I can make a difference. A challenge? Most certainly. Am I out of my depth? Probably. But I know deep down, I will do my damned best to make the difference that I can see is needed. Is this what I am meant to be when I grow up? Maybe, but in this moment it what makes me happy and fulfilled and that is what is important.


I know all of these letters aren’t going to be eloquently written, but give me a break, I just finished out a week in a new job. My brain is on the fritz. But I wanted to make this promise to you both now because it may be one of the most important things I tell you as a mum. I will never tell you to aspire for a well paying job or tell you there is any prestige in a given career because choosing the wrong career for money or prestige will not make you happy. And for your short time here on earth being happy will far outweigh any other achievement.


Not everyone's path will be conventional, so don’t be afraid if yours isn’t. You will take wrong turns, we all do, but those turns are all a part of the map that will get you to your destination. I am 30 and my wrong turns have lead me finally to a place where I feel that I belong and it lead me to The Paper Daisy.


So what I am saying is that don’t feel like you have to know what you want to do with your life. Don’t be worried at age 5, at age 10, at age 18 or even at age 30. Every day of life is what you make it, every opportunity takes you a different direction, GRAB EVERY OPPORTUNITY who knows which one might just be the answer you weren't looking for!


Love Mum


P.S I will be proud of the path that you take as long as it makes you happy.


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